Monday, September 01, 2014 4:54:00 PM

Hello Spartan Parents,

We have learned that students are taking pictures of the school schedules they received in the mail for 2014-2015 and posting them on different forms of social media.  These schedules include highly confidential personal information such as student ID numbers, student names, computer usernames and passwords, etc. that puts their privacy and safety at risk.  In addition, it puts the District's system security at risk.

Please IMMEDIATELY check to see what your child has posted and have them remove the posts to assure the greatest degree of safety possible. Tomorrow morning all student gmail and network accounts will be suspended and a plan devised to reset the information and passwords where possible. 

This is an example of the type of privacy protection we consistently remind students of in the instructional setting, and we appreciate your immediate assistance in reinforcing this serious message.

Thank you,

Diane Munro

Seward Restoration Committee to host Abby Keller program on the evening of September 18th at the SSSI Dining Room.
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